Saturday, October 25, 2008

Feedback on Diesel Kettlebell eBooks

Here is some feedback we got on our Advanced Kettlebell Training eBooks at

What training levels do you think this product would be good for, and why?
    This product would be great fro anyone who is advanced in Kettlebell training. I think this is a great change of pace ebook. I wouldn't try this product if you have never worked with kbells.

Did you enjoy training with this product?
    I liked it very much, that change of pace with this product was excellent. I always like a new challenege and what it represents in trining.

Did this product train an area of fitness/exercise/strength that you normally train?
    I felt the ebook training was more useful for the muscles I usually don't train, that is I felt it more in the middle back and the rear shoulder. I was sore after using this ebook program.

If you had a friend that enjoyed training the aspect of training that this product focuses on, would you recommend this product?
    I challenged one of my friends to try this and he was very happy with it. We both trained to out-do eachother and the ebook was very hard.

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